Wide Angle Research Launches Innovative Digital Ad Campaign Highlighting Risk of Extremist Republican Rule

WASHINGTON, DC, September 21, 2022 Wide Angle Research (WAR), a nonprofit research team focused on reaching and moving conflicted audiences, today launched a six-figure paid digital campaign featuring new research-backed ads produced by leading political media firm 76 Words. The first three ads in the campaign illustrate the dire consequences of Republican Rule and indict today’s Republican leaders for attacking our democracy and fundamental freedoms like abortion rights and LGBTQ equality.

The campaign is built on WAR research findings that have identified messaging to cut across party lines and shift public opinion on the consequences of Republican extremism. Scenarios detailed in the innovative animatic ads highlight the real-world ramifications of Republican policies on children, families, and democracy, breaking through viewers’ worldviews and belief systems as they consider freedoms that stand to be restricted under Republican rule.

“Wide Angle Research and 76 Words developed a series of hard-hitting ads with an exceptional ability to move people on some of the most urgent attacks we are facing as a nation. The gutting of abortion rights acts as a ‘gateway issue’ that undeniably illustrates the Republican Party’s willingness to drive America to a government-controlled future in which our rights and freedoms are eviscerated,” said Ineke Mushovic, Executive Director of Wide Angle Research. “Our breakthrough ads use an innovative animated format to capture the viewer’s imagination and show (not tell) where Republican Rule will lead. We invite all Americans—Democrats, Independents and Republicans alike—to join us in opposing the extreme positions of today’s Republican leaders.”

Ads Will Be Open-Sourced

The Republican Rule ad campaign will be available on an open-source basis to those who want to join WAR in opposing the extremism of today’s Republican leaders. In addition to WAR’s digital campaign, Equality Florida will run adapted ads on broadcast television in Florida.

“The nightmare scenarios depicted in the powerful Republican Rule ad campaign are a reality for those of us living in Florida and Republicans want to make it a blueprint for the rest of the nation,” said Nadine Smith, Executive Director of Equality Florida. “We must join together to preserve our democracy and protect women, the LGBTQ community, and other vulnerable populations who are being targeted by this relentless attack on our rights and freedoms.”

Partners Warn of the Dangers of Republican Rule

“Our nation’s freedoms and individual rights are under attack from extreme Republican leaders who no longer want to govern, they want to rule, no matter the cost,” said Dani Negrete, National Political Director at Indivisible. “Under Republican Rule, a child will be forced to complete a pregnancy from rape, loving families will be separated, and parents will be arrested if the parents support a child who is transgender, and hundreds of books will be pulled from library shelves. And when voters speak up—Republicans will just call the results a lie and refuse to hear the will of the people. At Indivisible, we’re fighting back, and the Republican Rule ads are powerful examples of what’s at stake. We must stop Republican rule.”

“The Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade, and Republican leaders have responded by passing strict abortion bans in many states, often without any exceptions for rape, incest and health of the mother,” said Shaunna Thomas, Co-Founder of UltraViolet.” We must restore women’s freedoms and autonomy over our own bodies. The Republican Rule ad campaign illustrates the extremes to which the current Republican party seeks to control women and girls—and the utter disregard they have for women’s health and safety and individual agency.”

“We’ve worked on many ads in our more than 20 years working on political campaigns and this is one of the most innovative and powerful approaches we’ve seen,” said Sarah Flowers at 76 Words. “The ads take the viewer on a journey, showing the impact of the growing restrictions on our rights and freedoms, and inviting the viewer to reflect on where these restrictions might lead.”

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Wide Angle Research is a 501(c)4 nonprofit research team focused on reaching and moving conflicted audiences through deep listening and innovative policy and persuasion research. We work to advance opportunity and equality for all people living in America. Our team has decades of messaging experience across some of the toughest political issues of our time including marriage, transgender rights, abortion, immigration, guns, voting, jobs and partisanship in America.