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15 Weeks

States under Republican Rule are passing laws to ban all abortions, with no exceptions. Women’s lives, health and long-term fertility—and even the viability of the fetus–no longer matter. Under Republican Rule, it only matters that women wait till they are sick enough or bleeding hard enough for a doctor to finally be able to legally help them.

News Links:

  • PEOPLE: Woman has to wait till she’s severely septic to have an abortion; severe scar tissue on uterus means she may never be able to have children.
  • USA TODAY: She had ‘a baby dying inside’ her. Under Missouri’s abortion ban, doctors could do nothing.
  • THE TIMES-PICAYUNE/THE NEW ORLEANS ADVOCATE: Louisiana hospital denies abortion for fetus without a skull
  • VICE NEWS: Women Are Being Forced to Deliver Nonviable Fetuses Because of Abortion Bans
  • NPR: Because of Texas abortion law, her wanted pregnancy became a medical nightmare

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