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Count It Our Way

Republican Rule is threatening our democracy—from pressuring election officials to “find” enough votes to overturn a Republican loss, to standing by while it happens. Republican leaders used to respect the will of people. Now they just want to rule, no matter the cost. It’s time to fight for our democracy, for truth, for our freedoms.

News Links:

  • USA Today: State Election Officials Tell Jan. 6 Committee of Pressure, Threats from Trump and Allies
  • Washington Post: Inside the Nonstop Pressure Campaign by Trump Allies to Get Election Officials to Revisit the 2020 Vote
  • NPR: State Officials and Election Workers Say They Faced Pressure to Overturn 2020 Results
  • ABC News: Trump Demands Georgia Secretary of State ‘Find’ Enough Votes to Hand Him Win
  • Reuters: Campaign of Fear – The Trump World’s Assault on U.S. Election Workers

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