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Freedom of speech is a core American value. But under Republican Rule, it’s obey or be silenced. State governments are targeting private companies that support LGBTQ youth. Election workers are receiving death threats when they won’t change their vote counts. And who knows who will be targeted next? It’s time to fight for our future—and our freedoms.

News Links:

  • NBC News: Education culture war finds a new target: Pride flags in classrooms
  • NBC News: A Texas teacher faces losing her job after fighting for gay pride symbols in school
  • NEW YORK: DeSantis’s Threats to Disney Is What Post-Trump Authoritarianism Looks Like
  • CNN: Texas Begins Investigating Parents of Transgender Teens for Child Abuse, According to Lawsuit.
  • USA TODAY: State Election Officials Tell Jan. 6 Committee of Pressure, Threats from Trump and Allies

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